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Bad Karma
History of Karma


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kar'ma - the good or bad emanations felt to be generated by someone or something.

Bad Karma was originated in the late nineties. It began with a few friends that had been playing recreational for about a year at a field in Coarsegold, Ca. They decided that it was time to get into the tournament scene. They started to form some tryouts for the few remaining positions. From there, pracitices began to form and a dynasty evolved. I was one person that made the tryouts and am proud to say that I joined the team. It was hard for us at first because we had to learn each other and the way everyone played. After we got that down, we worked on how to play with each other. We based our philosophy of winning on movement and communication. We had to learn codes and calls that affected the way we played the game. That could have been the hardest thing that faced the team. I am happy to say that we have overcome those difficulties and are playing as a unit.

Our first tournament year was a great success in our eyes. We recently finished the 2001 season in the Pan Am Circuit. We played in the rookie division and found out what tournament paintball is all about. Out of 127 teams, we finished the whole season in the top ten. It was a rough season because of the transitions we had to make, but everyone of us is quite proud of each other. In 2002, we plan to continue as novices in the Pan Am Circuit where we plan to make a higher statement than the 2001 season.