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On October 26, 2002 we are taking part in a fund raising day at our home field.  We are refereeing a "Big Game" that is going to raise funds for the Special Olympics.  Many law enforcement agencies are attending the event as well as many regular paintball players.  We are hoping to see a big turnout seeing that all proceeds will benefit the Special Olympics.  As for the rest of the season, we don't have much planned.  We only have one tournament left and that is Las Vegas.  Thanks to all the die hards in our area, we have raised enough money to finish the season.  But, stay tuned because the next season is just around the corner.  Once again thanks to all who contributed to our season.

As of October 24, 2002, we are standing in third place in the overall standings.  At the Seatlle major, we finished in third place which exceeded our expectations.  After a poor showing in San Diego, it was quite a relief to play so well.  One tournament is left and that is the season finale.  Las Vegas has always done us well and we hope that it will do the same this year.  Who knows, we could actually finish in the top three for the whole season.  Wish us luck.  Later!